Welcome to Cathedral Dental Centre

We are Christchurch dentists with a broad range of skills and experience to help you look good and feel good.

Our focus is on your dental health through regular check-ups involving a thorough examination of your teeth and digital X-rays. Prevention is the key and if problems do arise, these are addressed early and quickly.

Our Central City Location:

We are located at:

Level 1, 793 Colombo Street
Christchurch Central 8013

If you need to make an appointment, please contact us on the following details:

Raymond King:

Phone: +64 3 379 8065
Email: ray.cathedraldental@gmail.com

Sarah Gray

Phone: +64 3 379 8065
Email: sarah.cathedraldental@gmail.com


Pain Relief for Toothache

  • SAME DAY emergency treatment

Dental Treatments:

  • Fillings – white, ceramic, metal
  • Crowns, inlays, veneers
  • Root Canal
  • Implants, bridges, plates, dentures
  • Gum disease (gingival recession)
  • Wisdom teeth (surgical removal)
  • Teeth grinding, bad breath, snoring, dry mouth, clicky jaw, bad bite, ulcers, swellings and lumps

Cosmetic dentistry:

  • Teeth whitening
  • Implants, bridges, plates, dentures
  • Tooth bonding
  • Orthodontic assessment

Specialist Referral

On occasions we may recommend a referral to see a dental specialist.


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