Our History

The beginnings

The dental practice was started by Mo Parr. He was joined later in 1962 by Ray Collins. The surgery was located on first floor of the Sevicke Jones Building at 53 Cathedral Square.

After Mo retired, his practice eventually transferred to Raymond King. Sarah Gray joined her father Ray in the practice in 1987, taking it over when he died suddenly in 1990.

Together, Sarah and Raymond moved to 728 Colombo Street (on the corner of Gloucester Street) in 1993 to more modern premises, still remaining close to Cathedral Square. It was at this stage that the practice became known as Cathedral Dental Centre.

If you look closely at the image in the link below, you will see our names on the corner window on the second floor.




History of 793-799 Colombo Street

This area is part of the old Christchurch dating pre-1900s.


Buildings certainly occupied this site in 1877 and the archaeologists were keen to see what was under the foundations when the buildings were demolished. There were old bottles and animal bones suggesting that a butcher’s shop may have been on the site.

Prior to the earthquake – Mr Sushi, The Cook Shop, Whisky Galore and Fibre Zone occupied these addresses.

These shops have been replaced by one building, completed in November 2014 and named as Colombo Chambers.

Christchurch Earthquake - February 2011

With the advent of the February 2011 Christchurch Earthquake everyone’s lives changed suddenly and dramatically.

The Dental Specialists, Dick Jefferies, Gavin Cumberpatch, Joanne Lovegrove and their staff were extraordinarily generous and took us both in at St George’s Hospital where we were fortunate enough to stay for over 3 years.

It has taken time, like everyone in Christchurch to get over the shock, sort out the insurance, decide where to go, wade through the process of building and finally shift in to the city centre to 793 Colombo Street.

As we are still within eyesight of the old Cathedral and Cathedral Square we decided to maintain our links with the past by retaining our name and yet move forward with a “new look”.

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Our new building - Colombo Chambers

03793 – 799 Colombo Street

  • Engineers: Opus
  • Architect: Robin Vesty
  • Builders: Naylor Love
  • Interior Design: Lauren Foy

Earthquake technology means this building has 24 x 800mm diameter CFA piles penetrating down to 16.5 metres.

This is a pre-stressed laminated (LVL) timber (PRES-Lam) building. Utilising the knowledge of the University of Canterbury Damage Limiting Technology, in future seismic events the energy will be dissipated through steel dampers with the building designed to rock in a controlled manner.

So here we are, proud to return and be part of the rebuilding of Christchurch central city.

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